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2008-2009 Re-Zoning Proposals

The Committee has developed two proposals for consideration by ODMHA Minor Council, dealing with draw areas for year two of the three-year AAA pilot. This document shows the current and proposed draw areas, with tryout and team selection counts, by Association. The numbers break out the number of competitive players by Association, their participation in AAA tryouts and the number of players making AAA teams. The final page is a summary of the ODMHA, showing that these draw areas impact slightly more than 1% of the active player population in the ODMHA.

These proposals will be dealt with, by Minor Council, in January and a final decision will be taken.

2007-2008 Tryout Policy - Zone 1:

This policy has been reworded, to correct a mismatch between the Minor Council motion and the version posted here. A clarification has been added to 2 (b) and the subsequent paragraph. The version originally posted here was in error.

Policy on Eligibility to Try Out with the Upper Canada Cyclones AAA (per Minor Council April 10).

Players registered in the ODMHA, who do not reside in ODMHA District 1, are eligible to try out for the Upper Canada Cyclones AAA, provided they meet the following criteria:

1. The player has been released from tryouts by their home AAA Association,


2. The player meets one of the following criteria:


(a) the player was a registered member of a AA team in the ODMHA in the 2006-2007 season,


(b) the player was among the last five (5) skaters released by their home AAA Association, that player not having been a registered member of a AA team in the ODMHA in the 2006-2007 season.

For example, in any other AAA Zone, there are two separate, mutually exclusive groups of those eligible to try out with the Cyclones. The first group will include all released 2006-2007 AA players. The second group will be the last 5 other skaters released, i.e., not including 2006-2007 AA players.

This special provision is applicable for the 2007-2008 season tryouts only. Any subsequent transfer to the Upper Canada Cyclones AAA, to play on a AAA team, will be for 2007-2008 only. All players will return to their home Association for 2008-2009.

Any players, who attend tryouts with Upper Canada Cyclones AAA and are subsequently released, must return to their home AA Association for further tryouts.

The Upper Canada Cyclones AAA are to strive to have at least one goalie per team from within their own boundaries.

Implementation Plan:

Proposed AAA Implementation Plan (PDF)

Coaching Update:

2007-2008 AAA Coach Selections

Zone Boards:

2007-2008 AAA Zone Boards Named:

2007-2008 Upper Canada Cyclones Board of Directors    ---       Cyclones Web Site

2007-2008 Ottawa Senators AAA Board of Directors     ---       Senators Web Site

2006-2007 Ottawa Valley Titans Board of Directors    ---    Titans Web Site

2007-2008 Ottawa Jr. 67's AAA Board of Directors     ---       Jr. 67's Web Site

2007-2008 Eastern Ontario Wild Board of Directors     ---       Wild Web Site

Call for Coaching Applications for 2007-2008

Coach Application Contacts

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ - Jan. 11)

The FAQ will be updated as new questions arise and, where necessary, answers may be revised to reflect ongoing changes to the plans.

Draft Documents (PDF):

Disclaimer - These documents are presently in draft form only. These documents are intended to be a starting point for all AAA organizations, to help them get started quickly. The AAA Zone Associations will be independent organizations running under the supervision of the ODMHA, the AAA League and the AAA Steering Committee (during the pilot phase). As such, they can be amended by their respective memberships, provided those amendments are appropriate and in keeping with the AAA League operating rules.

Progress to Date

Jan. 29 - Special Meeting of Minor Council:

Jan. 9 - All District Chairs reviewed Draft Documents, with some adjustments.

Dec. 14 AAA Meeting at ODMHA Minor Council:

Implementation Options (Current/Proposed League Structures): PDF; Excel

Forecast for future Leagues Structure (subject to demand): PDF; Excel